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The Healing Trees

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The Healing Trees - Robbie Anerman$25.00

The Healing Trees, by Robbie Anderman

Available now!

By moving off-grid to a farm in the Wilno Hills of Eastern Ontario, Robbie Anderman left behind his former way of life, his allergy shots and pills, and the social supports that he was used to. He quickly discovered that he needed to learn how to live on the land that had become his home.

Running down to the drugstore or herb shop to buy a remedy for what ailed him was no longer an option. Surrounded by nature’s pharmacy, he began gathering his own herbs. Then came the long winter when the most commonly used herbs were no longer available. In a land so populated with Trees, it made sense to look to them for healing. Thus began a journey of forty-eight years during which Robbie researched, nibbled, sampled, and learned the lore of the Healing Trees.

The Healing Trees is the essential guidebook, organized in an easy-to-use manner that Robbie wishes he’d had as a resource when he first moved to the Wilno Hills.

ISBN: 978-1-77257-153-0 (PB)

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The Healing Trees

NEW – Just In!

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dance of the decades

On May 23, 1947, the musicians in the Commodores Orchestra opened Club Commodore, their newly winterized big band nightclub on the fairgrounds in Belleville, Ontario, a city of roughly 17,000 souls.  The musicians had created their own co-operative, and had each invested the modern equivalent of $25,000 into what wass by today’s standards a million-dollar operation.  Incredibly, they had done the hard physical labour themselves.

How did this collection of small-city accountants. mechanics, insurance men, clerks and carpenters do it?  The nine-decade story of the Commodores Orchestra, told by Andy Sparling after two decades of collecting information and photographs, is as intriguing and unique as it is improbable, no matter where you live.

And not likely to ever happen again.

Used MUSIC Books! CALL for PRICE

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Van Morrison Anthology by

Published: Oct 01, 1993 by Hal Leonard
ISBN: 9780793527724
Price: $

Acoustic Rock by

Published: May 01, 1994 by Hal Leonard
ISBN: 9780793526338
Price: $

Selections from O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Easy Guitar with Notes & Tab by

Published: Apr 01, 2002 by Hal Leonard
ISBN: 9780634049033
Price: $


Van Morrison - Anthology by

Published: Aug 01, 1979 by Alfred Publishing Co.
ISBN: 9780769289670
Price: $


Published by Amsco Publishing, New York (1988)

ISBN 13: 9780825625497
Used Soft Cover First Edition

Quantity Available: 1

(C$ 19.00)

A Thought..

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“A town is not a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul”—English author Neil Gaiman.

If you absolutely NEED an eReader..

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A good eReader can generally surpass using a tablet computer. Here are some products to consider:

Kobo Devices

The Specific models available are:

New book by local author!

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The Canadian Backwoods Colouring Book by Ketha Newman (CA)

Published: Dec 20, 2016 by Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 9780385689793
Price: $16.95


Fantastic Beasts.. AVAILABLE!

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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Goes GREAT with books!

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