Things said…and found!

Books!.. an excellent use of financial resources. (Janelle, July 21, 2016)

“What a nice oasis this is!” (Customer, August 3, 2014)

[Customer runs into store, out of breath just 5 minutes before closing..] “Do you have a copy of Inheritance by Paolini? My son dropped his copy into the lake!” (August 2013)

“Ashlie’s.. a beacon of hope and intelligence in North Hastings.” (Bill E., April 2013)

“A town without a bookstore is simply uncivilized.” (Anne D., April 2013)

“Can we leave our birdhouses here?” (December 2012)

The following was said between two couples: “Now I’ll have something to read on the boring parts of our trip. OR.. when we’re visiting your mother.” (October 2012)

“It’s nice to visit a REAL bookstore and not one like the “big box” ones.” (September 2012)

“Your prices are better than Sh&*+#%s, considering that I can actually get the books that I want and not just the ones that they want me to buy from their limited selection. (July 2012)

“I love to support a local and independent business. (July 2012)

“Your store has much more character than Ch#*+!*=r’s. (July 2012)

“This reminds me of my sister’s store, but yours is much nicer. (Don’t tell her I said that.)”.

“I thought as soon as you hit north of 7, the reading glasses went out the door.”.

“Great bookstore, but I didn’t think anyone in Bancroft knew how to read!”. (a gentleman, June 2012)

“This is a nice HAPPY place.”. (a gentleman, May 2012)

“Wow! I love the colours!”. (a female teen, May 2012)

Good advice

Good advice

A sweet love note

A sweet love note

Nice plants pressed in books.

Nice plants pressed in books.

“This is the BEST book store ever!  They have all the books I like”. (Little red-head boy, age 7)

On deciding whether to buy Tarot Kit for Beginners: “Sweetie, if you’re serious about becoming a witch you might need to spend a little money.”

On the state of the world in general: “Holy doodle, it boggles the mind dunnit.”

On seeing the title How To Avoid Marrying a Jerk, one teen to another: “You should give this to your mom and tell her she should have read this 20 years ago.”

On seeing the book in the store window Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger: “I want that Fartsola [sic] book.”

Question to staff: “Are you married Lia? Single then? Know anyone I could get a date with?”

“That’s the trouble with book stores and books…I want them all.”

“Is this a book store or a library?”